Pubdate: Fri, 29 Oct 2004
Source: Alamogordo Daily News (NM)
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Author: Elva K. Osterreich
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Alamogordo elementary schools put their most colorful feet forward
this week as they celebrated Red Ribbon Week with a variety of
activities for the children.

At Buena Vista Elementary School, the week started out with an outside
rally against drugs around the flag pole, said principal Mary Yon.
Students read essays and the Bobcat Chorus sang songs related to
resisting drugs.

In addition to essays, children created posters and one first grade
class made a big banner with foot prints on it to "Stamp out Drugs."

Yon also held a drawing and gave out "Too Smart to Start" prizes each
day of the week.

High Rolls and Sacramento elementary schools watched a film and held a
class discussion in addition to the fun days and putting ribbons up on
their board.

At Sierra Elementary on Thursday was Turn Your Back on Drugs Day and
even principal Paul Sena walked backwards all day.

Bob Close, counselor and Red Ribbon Week organizer for Yucca and
Heights elementary schools said he thinks the message is getting through.

"I think it is helping them," Close said. "Especially in the upper

Close gave fifth grade teachers a "Dear Abby" column to read to their
students. The letter was from a teenager who lost a friend to a drug
overdose after knowing her friend was doing drugs.

"I had one fifth grade teacher tell me some of her girls were crying
about it," Close said. "(the teacher said) the discussion was very

Close's fourth graders got to hear a snake story about a child who
befriends a snake and the snake ends up biting him.

Area high and middle schools also participated in Red Ribbon Week with
a variety of programs.

The schools encouraged children to participate with special days
varying from school to school but all of them shared a "Sock it To
Drugs" day when staff and student were allowed to wear their craziest
sock combinations.

Other days celebrated at various schools included:

* Red Ribbon Day (everyone got anti-drug message red ribbons). *
Put a Cap on Drugs Day (everyone was supposed to wear their craziest
hat). * Too Bright to do Drugs Day (wear bright colors). * Shade
Out Drugs From Your Life Day (wear shades). * Team Up Against Drugs
Day (wear team shirts). * Stamp Out Drugs Day (wear your boots or a
cutout of a boot). * I Elect to be Drug Free Day (wear red, white
and blue). * Give Drugs the Slip Day (wear slippers to school). *
Turn Your Back on Drugs Day (everybody walked backwards at Sierra and
everybody wore their clothes backwards at La Luz).
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