Pubdate: Mon, 25 Oct 2004
Source: Albany Democrat-Herald (OR)
Copyright: 2004 Lee Enterprises
Author: Rick Bayer, MD
Cited: Measure 33


In reply to "Reservations about BM 33" (editorial, Oct.20): The editor
gets many facts about Measure 33 correct but derives the wrong conclusion.

I was a chief petitioner for the medical marijuana act passed in 1998,
and although successful, it did not create a reliable supply of
medicine for all patients. Some need medicine immediately or are too
sick to grow a garden. Measure 33 amends the original act to improve
safe access to medicine by creating state-regulated dispensaries that
act like pharmacies so that no patient is forced to deal with the
black market.

In response to where the dispensaries would get their supplies the
answer is from the current legal medical marijuana market. M33 as an
amendment to the current act uses the same caregiver model but would
now allow sales n just like a regular pharmacy. The dispensaries
should have to comply with state regulations like other businesses
because patients need safe access to safe medicine. M33 would be a
tremendous help to patients compared to what we have now.

M33 is not legalization, which should also alleviate the editor's
concerns. Just like current law, only patients who are qualified by
licensed health care providers can register. After M33, sales to
persons not registered remain a felony.

People who supported the original act should love M33, which is truly
a patient bill of rights to improve access to medicine and medical
care. Oregonians who support improved access to medicine should vote
Yes on 33.

Rick Bayer, MD, Board Certified, Internal Medicine, Portland 
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