Pubdate: Wed, 27 Oct 2004
Source: Helena Independent Record (MT)
Copyright: 2004 Helena Independent Record
Author: Loretta Thomas
Cited: Initiative 148 ( )
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I want to encourage people to get out and vote. There are several
important issues on this year's ballot.

One issue is the proposed tax hike on cigarettes ($1.70 per pack ) to
help offset health care for smokers. Why not hike the tax on alcohol
this time and help pay for all the alcohol treatment and health care?
Another issue is the proposed primary seatbelt law, please. Don't the
police have enough to do? Montana already has a seatbelt law. So if it
isn't broke don't fix it. As to the issue of medicinal marijuana, go
visit someone who is living the nightmare of chemotherapy, anything
that helps them endure it with less discomfort would be a good thing.

Gay marriage and abortion are personal choices and should remain that
way. Pay attention to your own life and live and let live. If you want
certain rights you have to allow everybody else theirs. So exercise
your right and go vote!

Loretta Thomas
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