Pubdate: Thu, 21 Oct 2004
Source: Copenhagen Post, The (Denmark)
Copyright: 2004 The Copenhagen Post
Bookmark: (Youth)


In a new survey of 15-24 year-old Europeans Denmark places top when it
comes to being offered hash or having tried smoking hash.

Nearly half of the youngsters surveyed answered that it is easy to get
hold of hash at their schools. Danes also take the lead in use of
alcohol in the same age group among the 15 countries who participated
in the survey.

'We have a youth culture in Denmark that goes into the city and drinks
excessively, all the way from the 15-16-year-old age group - not quite
the same as in other countries,' says Manager for the Centre for
Alcohol and Drug Research in Aarhus, Mads Uffe Pedersen, who adds
that Danish youngsters do not score  as high on the scale when it comes
to hard drugs.
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