Pubdate: Sat, 23 Oct 2004
Source: Fairbanks Daily News-Miner (AK)
Copyright: 2004 Fairbanks Publishing Company, Inc.
Author: Lilly Capell


To the editor:

After recent revelations of bias and duplicity by Lt. Gov. Loren
Leman's office, one might be tempted to write the allegations off as
an isolated incident. However, a look at the lieutenant governor's
record will show a disturbing trend of stubborn malfeasance. While in
the Legislature, Loren Leman repeatedly proposed and supported changes
to laws enacted by the voters of the state of Alaska. As lieutenant
governor, his dogmatic nature has reared its head on numerous issues,
violating his duty to be impartial in his service to Alaskans. His
refusal to offer a fair assessment of Measure 4 cost taxpayers
hundreds of thousands of dollars in excess printing, shipping and
lawyers' fees.

Now there is proof that his office improperly inserted itself into the
debate on Measure 2. Leman's chief of staff drafted nearly every word
of the statement in opposition to the initiative for the Alaska voters
guide. Her claim of individual initiative rings hollow. Would she have
been willing to write a compelling and accurate statement in support
of marijuana legalization?

Alaskans deserve better from their elected officials. Loren Leman's
record of disdain for impartiality and the will of Alaska voters
violates Alaska principles.

I would encourage all Alaskans to vote "yes" on Measure 2. A vote for
Measure 2 is a vote for your privacy rights. It is a vote to remind
Loren Leman that Alaska voters--not lieutenant governors--are the
ultimate political authority in this state. It is a vote demanding
that our elected officials serve the public good, not their own
obstinate ideologies.


Lilly Capell