Pubdate: Thu, 14 Oct 2004
Source: Houston Press (TX)
Copyright: 2004 New Times, Inc.
Author: Thomas Clark


Thank you for Michael Serazio's excellent article. It is very informative 
and well written. I especially appreciated the interviews with Dr. Ron Paul 
and Alan Bock.

Several Libertarian Party candidates have spoken out for drug reform and 
are waging active campaigns for the U.S. Congress ( or In District 136 (Galleria-Memorial Villages), I am running for 
the Texas legislature. The focal point of my campaign is the benefit of 
drug relegalization. These benefits include lower taxes (throwing peaceful, 
nonviolent people in jail costs plenty).

Drug prohibition doesn't work. It diverts law enforcement resources away 
from apprehending murderers, rapists and thieves who richly deserve to be 
punished. But arresting sick and dying people for the "crime" of trying to 
alleviate their pain by smoking marijuana is inhumane.

Most Democrat and Republican incumbents aren't going to push for even the 
most obvious and humanitarian reform of medical marijuana. Those serious 
about freedom of choice in medicine, and ending drug prohibition, should 
vote Libertarian.

Thomas Clark

Hedwig Village
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