Pubdate: Fri, 15 Oct 2004
Source: Langley Times (CN BC)
Copyright: 2004 BC Newspaper Group and New Media Development
Author: Harry D. Fisher


Editor: Tim Felger's Christians-and-lions comment (The Times, Oct. 1)
certainly caused a ruckus, and perhaps his choice of words was unfortunate
in our current sensitive zeitgeist.

He did make other points in his letter, but those have been drowned
out by the outrage over the religious reference.

Phil Lacasse wrote (The Times, Oct. 8) in answer to Felger: "Marijuana is
not a victimless crime. Every grow operation is a danger to the entire
community it is located in. Fires, "grow-rips" and the infusion of unwanted
persons affects communities. The violence and related criminal activity are
not victimless."

These bad things come from the fact that marijuana use is illegal,
Felger's point exactly. Why Lacasse prefers criminal gangs, violence,
and extortion over a lawful system of regulation is beyond me.

What's worse: the violent crime associated with the prohibition, or
some people smoking marijuana in their home? We've been there before,
south of the border.

Not content to savage marijuana use, Lacasse goes on: "Prostitution,
which destroys families, spreads disease and litters our community
parks, roads and properties is not victimless. When women and girls
are sold into or forced into prostitution, it is not

Again, if prostitution were legal and regulated, all these evils would
stop. Prostitution could be made safe, medically, legally, and with
respect to being forced or sold.

Unfortunately, when the subject is emotion-laden, reason takes a

Harry D. Fisher

Woodland Hills, California
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