Pubdate: Fri, 15 Oct 2004
Source: Free Press, The (Houston, TX)
Column: Unvarnished Truth
Copyright: 2004 The Free Press, Houston
Author: Dean Becker
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Who Will Steer Us into Oblivion for the Next Few Years?

The debates have shown the majority of voters that 1. W's rushes to
judgment are democratic or that 2. Big John's resolve will save the
republic.  I fear we will choose the greater of two evils.  Bush
offers his neocon brethren a few more years of world supremacy, which
is all they need before Jesus returns for his children.  Simply blow
up the Temple Mount to light the fire that will be a beacon to God and
shazam! Jesus shows up with an attitude like little W's.  Sinners beware!

Big John has portrayed himself as a not-very different alternative.
He too is unwilling to talk about the greatest evil in the land, the
prohibition of drugs.  However, to this reporter, he does seem
unwilling to abandon our quasi-perpetual state of nationhood "for a
few dollars more."

The response of both candidates to the drug war is silence; just like
the Houston City Council, just like everyone in government.
Superstition and ignorance were the original means of creating this
drug war.  But now greed has found a goldmine the "prospectors" are
unwilling to abandon.  This greed is currently disguised, as
ignorance, so thick, so molded, ancient and deadly, that to now
abandon their claim would mean the destruction of their word, their
income and their very futures.

Incrementalism is their only option.  A smaller mandatory minimum
here, fining pot smokers instead of sending them to prison there. and
of course more piss tests to fund the Drug Czar's affiliates and their
urinary universities.

Who do you trust?  I trust neither little W nor Big John, but I do
trust W a lot less.  He's proven, repeatedly and continuously that he
will support his cronies at the expense of the American people,
torture innocents in the name of "freedom", bomb women, children and
wedding parties and then lie, deceive and pervert to cover his
failures.  So maybe Big John will get a second look.

At its heart, what has caused the decline in moral leadership and the
abandonment of our democratic principles is the prohibition of drugs.
There truly is no justice involved in the drug war; it is another form
of slavery, the best these modern Jim Crow's could conceive.  The
center of this heart of deception holds a small, at one time
insignificant lie around which all the other lies are able to exist:
MARIJUANA IS EVIL!  Around this thought were designed propaganda
films, books and a million speeches to proclaim the use of this weed
would lead our children to insanity, criminality and death!

The deception made use of the ignorance of the American people; it
proclaimed there was a new threat, from south of the border, a menace
named marijuana that with just one puff could destroy the lives of our
children and the future of our nation.

Each year in the US, 100,000 people die from using prescription
medicines where either the doctor or pill pusher 'effed up.  Last year
17,000 people died from using Tylenol incorrectly.  Last year
approximately 1,600 people died from using cocaine, heroin and all
other "illegal" drugs, (the government chooses not to track this
number.)  In the history of mankind, nobody has ever died from using

The drug war is a huge toilet, supercharged and ready to flush another
trillion of your tax dollars and millions of our kids lives down the
sewer to government contractors and international cartels, to
pharmaceutical houses and the Federal Reserve, to millions of leeches
disguised as cops, DA's, judges and presidential candidates.

Ignorance is NOT bliss.  As long as we continue to "buy" the lie about
marijuana, we show we will buy just about anything.

The "I am YOUR Canary" article got a few folks attention last
column.  I heard from people in Europe, the US and Canada and not one
of them thought I stepped over the line.  I was born on this side of
the line.  I simply point out who has chosen to cross over to the side
of the line that represents repression, illegality and
unconstitutional framing of laws designed to subvert certain segments
of our population for the benefit of the few.

For God's sake, do something to end the insanity of this drug war!
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