Pubdate: Fri, 08 Oct 2004
Source: Comox Valley Record (CN BC)
Copyright: 2004 Comox Valley Record
Author: Anonymous
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By Name withheld


Today I have faced something that, I believe, most parents pray they never 
have to. I found a case in my son's room that contained a lighter, a baggie 
(empty), a glass pipe, and a vial containing some little sticks covered in 
black stuff. I can't truly describe aptly what I was feeling at that moment 
although some of the feelings were fear, anger, disappointment, hope and 

My 14-year-old son: I have tried everything to keep him from this. I have 
talked to him straight up, I have kept it an open topic, discussed the 
dangers and how to say no. He is a graduate of the DARE program and knows 
how to say no, but he still didn't.

I have given this a lot of thought and am dealing with it on the homefront 
here, with discipline, speaking and listening.

To his benefit he did not beat around the bush. He was caught, he admitted 
to smoking pot a couple of times, and from the look of the pipe (it isn't 
very dirty) I can believe that in part. I know no one is holding a gun to 
his head and making him smoke it - but what I am concerned about is the 
availability of two things.

It is the listening part that is the most frightening, especially when I 
asked him these questions:

Question 1: "Where did you get the pot from?" Answer: "You just ask around, 
it is everywhere, people sometimes just give it to you."

At this point I am not going to "name names", but I am concerned when a 
14-year-old kid knows he can just blatantly ask around and find drugs for free.

Question 2: "Where did you get the pipe from and what are these little 
'sticks' you have?" Answer: "I got the pipe at a 'head shop'."

Question 3: "They sold you a pipe, did anyone ask you how old you were?" 
Answer: "No, all the kids go there to get papers and pipes and stuff, they 
never ask anyone for ID because, 'cause well, you know, it is for pot."

What I am concerned about is: 1. Where are these drugs coming from and why 
are they so "available" and so inexpensive that people just give them away? 
And 2. Why is the shop that sells drug paraphernalia selling this stuff to 

Maybe it isn't illegal to sell this stuff, but jeez, didn't anyone maybe 
think that 14 is a little young?

My son looking older than 14 could be an argument, but he certainly doesn't 
look 19, which I thought was the legal tobacco purchasing age.

Even if the shop isn't legally obliged to ask for ID, do they not have some 
social responsibility; how about some common sense?
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