Pubdate: Fri, 01 Oct 2004
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution (GA)
Copyright: 2004 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Author: Mike Harris
Mike Harris, of Wassenaar, The Netherlands, teaches at the American School 
of The Hague.


Dutch Tolerance: Responses To "This Country Can't Afford To Go Dutch," 
Issue, Sept. 30

What Larry Tomczak wrote about Holland's laws is true, but his conclusion 
that life here is somehow horrible because of them (and American life would 
be intolerable if it were like Holland) is off the mark.

Life expectancy in Holland is higher and the infant mortality rate lower 
than in the United States; affordable health care is available to all; the 
air and water are clean; the number of births per teenage girls is the 
lowest in the world; drug-related crime is almost nonexistent; there is 
civil debate between people with differing views.

It is intolerance and hate that lead to a poor quality of life. America 
would do well to study the Dutch society.

Mike Harris, Wassenaar, The Netherlands
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