Pubdate: Wed, 15 Sep 2004
Source: New Hamburg Independent (CN ON)
Copyright: 2004 Fairway Newspaper Group
Author: Russell Barth


RE: Local Drug Bust Nets Traffickers Across Province, Sept. 1

Although the police are patting themselves on the back for this big
bust, they must realize by now it is the fact that these substances
are illegal that make them so lucrative. If all drugs were legalized
and regulated, then the police could busy themselves with real crimes.

Prohibition only serves organized crime. They have the opportunity to
make a pile of tax-free money in a totally unregulated market, and the
only problem is occasional police intervention. The police, the
government, and the public all know that for every one person they
arrest, there will be 10 that slip past. Would you go to a doctor who
has a success rate of only 10 per cent?

The time is long past for our inept government to legalize and
regulate these substances so they can be sold in pharmacies and
clinics, instead of school yards and parking lots. Hit organized crime
where it hurts and take their most lucrative commodities and give them
back to the people.

I'll bet 99 per cent of Canadians would rather read the headline
"Drugs Legalized And Taxed", than read "Taxes Increased To Pay For
More Prohibition Efforts."

Russell Barth, Ottawa
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