Pubdate: Thu, 16 Sep 2004
Source: Mirror (CN QU)
Copyright: 2004 Communications Gratte-Ciel Ltee
Author: William Bradley


Regarding "New $50 slammed as racist" [The Front, Sept.2]: not only is
Famous 5 judge Emily Murphy a well known racist, she is very high on
the list of prohibitionists who made almost any vice illegal because
of their strict need to impose their values on others. Even though
this meant lying and ignoring any science, it didn't stop them. This
is sickening. The very notion that the Famous 5 did more good than
harm is absolutely wrong. They encouraged racism and made cannabis
illegal because it supposedly made "black men" go crazy and rape white

Emily Murphy had an agenda, and getting women any power wasn't on it.
It was nothing but an avenue of decency she could tolerate.

William Bradley, Kitchener, ON
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