Pubdate: Wed, 15 Sep 2004
Source: Daily News  Transcript
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Author: Steven S. Epstein
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The trouble with marijuana What a shame that an  otherwise fair
editorial on marijuana in high school is tainted by the claim  that
marijuana is addictive.

Marijuana  is not addictive, at least not like tobacco, heroin or
alcohol. While its  possession and use by teenagers cannot be
condoned, what will truly compromise  these teenagers' future would be
for them to be found delinquent or convicted as  adults of the crime
of possession of marijuana under current law. If that  happens to them
under the law of the commonwealth they will not be able to drive  a
car for at least one year, a significant obstacle to being employed
and will  probably never be granted a firearms identification permit.
Worse  still, they will be ineligible for federally guaranteed student
loans, perhaps  making college to expensive to attend.

Steven S. Epstein
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