Pubdate: Fri, 03 Sep 2004
Source: Superior Daily Telegram (WI)
Copyright: 1998-2004 Murphy McGinnis Interactive
Author: Gary Storck
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Representative Frank Boyle is not only an extremely capable lawmaker,
but he fills a very important role as "the conscience of the Assembly".

Time and time again, Boyle has been the voice for the voiceless.  Time
and time again, Boyle has stood up for the average Wisconsinite as the
GOP majority has tried to steamroll individual rights while rushing to
enrich special interests.

On the issue of medical marijuana, Boyle has stood with the majority
of more than 80% of Wisconsinites who oppose making criminals out of
the sick and dying by continuing to champion medical marijuana
legislation each session. With his unflinching support for this issue,
Boyle has given hope to sick and dying patients who can benefit from
the medical use of marijuana.  The 73rd district has a real hero in
Frank Boyle. Please return him to office.

Gary Storck,

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