Pubdate: Fri, 10 Sep 2004
Source: Red Deer Advocate (CN AB)
Copyright: 2004 Red Deer Advocate
Author: Lori Tucker
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Having worked at a detox centre run by AADAC in Calgary, I felt I had
to clear up some misconceptions that people have regarding them. In
order to be admitted we required the client to be sober or off drugs
for at least 24 hours.

Many called ahead to verify we had room to treat them or to ask to be
picked up from a location in order to be admitted.

When we did a pickup, a quick assessment was done and if the client
appeared impaired - he/she was denied admission until they were no
longer intoxicated or high. Any client showing up at the centre who
was impaired was also turned away.

The centre was on 24-hour lockdown with staff working shifts to ensure
supervision was constant.

Clients had their personal belongings searched to ensure nothing that
could be described as an intoxicating substance was brought into the
centre. If anything was found, it was confiscated and locked up.

Visiting hours were assigned and we also had the right to veto a
visitor if he seemed impaired,as well as search visitors to ensure
they were not bringing anything contraband into the centre.

A check was also done with police to make sure no restraining orders
were outstanding against visitors and/or clients. I was employed for
almost 18 months and never had any problem with a client.

If they needed more medical attention than we were able to provide,
they were admitted to hospital.

I feel the public and the client were both "safer" in a detox centre
than if the client was not admitted.

Detox is a treatment centre designed to get the client well enough to
be referred to long-term treatment centres, half-way houses, etc. The
public was at no time in any danger, and the client had a better
chance of remaining sober or off drugs because of the treatment
program provided by the detox centre.

With alcohol and drug use rampant in Central Alberta, isn't the
compassion and caring of a detox centre the outcome we want and should
strive for?

Hopefully, this has helped better educate the general public to the
way a detox centre is run, what its goals are, and what we hope to
accomplish by having a much needed detox centre in our city.

Lori Tucker

Red Deer 
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