Pubdate: Wed, 08 Sep 2004
Source: Hill, The (US DC)
Copyright: 2004 The Hill
Author: Gary Storck


This world is a better place thanks to the wise philanthropy of George
Soros ("Soros blasts Hastert over drug allegation," Aug. 31). The same
cannot be said of House Speaker Dennis Hastert, who reveals his true
colors with his attempt to smear Mr. Soros. And while Soros has assisted
efforts to legally provide sick and dying Americans with medical
marijuana, Hastert has ensured that medical marijuana legislation in
Congress died in committee, session after session, despite 80 percent
public support. If only this planet had a few more billionaires with a
conscience like Soros, we'd all be better off.

Thank you, Mr. Soros!

Gary Storck, co-founder, Multiple Sclerosis Patients Union

Madison, Wis 
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