Pubdate: Wed, 25 Aug 2004
Source: Duncan News Leader (CN BC)
Copyright: 2004 Duncan News Leader
Author: Aaron Bichard


Centennial Heights neighbourhood was the site of a large police presence 
Saturday night for the second weekend in a row.

According to North Cowichan/ Duncan RCMP, a resident affected by severe 
drug issues disturbed the area.

"I can tell you we have had an ongoing neighbourhood problem," Const. 
Jennifer Prunty said. "The man was dealing with some serious drug 

Witnesses said six police officers were needed to restrain the man and 
bring the situation back under control. The previous weekend, five police 
and two paramedics were needed.

According to neighbours, the 29-year-old man dove through his unopened 
basement window Saturday, cutting himself in the process. He then ran 
across the road screaming and jumped on a neighbour's truck.

The man continued his berserk behaviour trying to gain access to another 
neighbour's home. Bloodstains were left on the railing, the side of the 
house and the door.

Apparently, the man also tried to climb onto the roof.

In the frenzy, two vehicles were seriously damaged.

John Kelly has lived in the neighbourhood for 40 years and said people were 

"Naturally, you're fearful," Kelly said. "Everyone's upset. It's a good 
community with mostly older folks living here.

"With all the screaming going on, everyone's involved. It's just not a good 

Kelly said it was the second weekend in a row the man had become wildly out 
of control.

"The police took him away last weekend and he was back on Monday," Kelly 
said. "I feel for the police. Their hands are tied."

The man had been staying with a family member when the incidents occurred 
but according to Kelly was relatively new to the neighbourhood.

Prunty said the investigation is ongoing and no charges have been laid. 
Police are uncertain what types of drugs caused the behaviour and 

The man is currently admitted to the Cowichan District Hospital where he is 
undergoing psychiatric assessment.
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