Pubdate: Thu, 5 Aug 2004
Source: Colorado Springs Independent Newsweekly (CO)
Copyright: 2004 Colorado Springs Independent
Author: Stan White


Brian Vicente asks, "Whom does Hefley truly represent?" ("Saddened,
not surprised," Letters, July 22) and since this is a biblical issue
I'd like to give a biblical answer.

Supporting the biblically evil practice of caging humans for using
cannabis, which Christ God Our Father said is good on literally the
very first page of the Bible, is disobedient to Christ God Our Father
who said to love one another. Supporting cannabis prohibition
biblically represents evil. You cannot love your brother and cage him
for using what is good at the same time.

Obey Jesus Christ, love one another, receive the spirit of truth. But
disobey and you will not receive the spirit of truth. Is that why
Colorado Springs Congressman Joel Hefley doesn't know the truth?

Stan White

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