Pubdate: Sat, 07 Aug 2004
Source: Duncan News Leader (CN BC)
Copyright: 2004 Duncan News Leader
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Okay. Here's the deal. Straight up.

Crystal meth is one bad drug.

If this is news to you, keep reading. If it isn't, put down the
newspaper, go grab your kids and give them a hug, and thank whatever
power you believe in for not letting them get involved with this
fiercely life-shattering garbage. Hug them tight. Crystal
methamphetamine is rough stuff. It's a cheap, highly addictive
synthetic stimulant that is made from some of the harshest chemicals
you can find in hardware and drug stores. And it's made in basements.
Not sterile labs with controlled measurements. Not by folks who know
what they are doing. It's made by self-taught chemists in filthy
cellars, kitchens, warehouses and just about anywhere that it can be
done without the police finding out. People learn how to make it
through word of mouth and, now, the greatest source of info, the Internet.

Type in crystal meth on your search engine and descriptions like
schizophrenic-type behaviour, paranoia, central nervous system damage,
addiction and bizarre, aggressive, psychotic behaviour pop up.

The province of B.C. just announced a drug strategy to combat crystal
meth by joining together various agencies from RCMP to treatment
centres to local health authorities.

Sounds like a great plan. As long as it's more than just talk. As long
as it has some teeth. If a war on crystal meth is what we're going to
undertake, we better have the means to take it down.

It ain't a soft, cuddly adversary. 
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