Pubdate: Wed, 11 Aug 2004
Source: Las Vegas Sun (NV)
Copyright: 2004 Las Vegas Sun, Inc
Author:  Eric Stefik
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What is a state such as Nevada doing fighting the adult use of
marijuana? What is the city of Las Vegas doing trying to combat

In either case, the effort is futile and violations of the respective
statutes will continue unabated. Law enforcement officials and state
legislators want more money for services. How much money is being
wasted here, in an elaborate game of cops and robbers? Regulated
prostitution offers the opportunity to control and license businesses
and to tax them on revenues received. A tax on marijuana, and control
over where it is sold, provides a legitimate outlet for a regulated

Right now the street is the outlet of choice, where there is no
control, anything goes, health risks abound, criminals make handsome
profits and we waste precious law enforcement dollars and lose tax
revenue that could be put to good advantage.

Don't ask me for money to put more cops on the street while the
attorney general's office and the local prosecutors waste our money
here in Sin City.

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