Pubdate: Wed, 11 Aug 2004
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Members of the Pike County drug task force were ready to get out of house.

Their eyes were watering. Their skin was burning.

"It's the acid," Pike County sheriff Russell Thomas said. "It just burns 
you. We've had raids where the building just ignited (because) the fumes 
were so bad."

But a meth lab on Shellhorn Road was out of business. If you want to know 
how dangerous a drug crystal methamphetamine is, watch how the experts 
handle it.

They don't.

A hazardous materials team is called in to take the drug away from the area 
and dispose of it.

It is a toxic cocktail.

And yet, more and more people are abusing their bodies with it. It can be 
made from cheap, readily available ingredients like Sudafed. And it can be 

Crystal meth is a colorless, odorless, powerful and addictive man-made 
stimulant. It typically resembles small fragments of glass or shiny 
blue-white "rocks" of various sizes. Like powdered methamphetamine, the 
drug is abused because of the long-lasting euphoric effects it produces.

Crystal meth is used by individuals of all ages. It is increasingly gaining 
in popularity as a club drug. Again, it is relatively cheap to produce and 
cheap to purchase. Alarmingly, the University of Michigan's Monitoring the 
Future Survey revealed that nearly five percent of high school seniors in 
the country have used crystal meth at least once. Three percent had used it 
in the past year.

The National Drug Intelligence Center, a component of the U.S. Department 
of Justice, said the government categorizes crystal meth as a Schedule II 
substance. Schedule II drugs, which include cocaine and PCP, have a high 
potential for abuse.

Some of the many street terms for the drug include glass, ice, quartz, 
stove top, blade and Cristy.

We call it dangerous. We salute the officers in the Pike County Sheriff's 
Department, the Troy Police Department and the Drug Task Force for their 
efforts in stopping the lab on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, there are more out there. Turn in any tips about the 
whereabouts of these drug labs to those experts.
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