Pubdate: Mon,  2 Aug 2004
Source: Summit Daily News (CO)
Copyright: 2004 Summit Daily News
Author: Eric Schwartz


There are several things I would like to get off my mind. One, Rob Cooper
(SDN, July 27), I have to disagree with you. The drug task force did use
Gestapo tactics in the recent supposed meth-lab raid.

It had the couple in custody. It could have simply served the warrant and
politely asked for their keys while explaining that if they did not comply
then it was in their full power to gain access to the residence using
whatever means were necessary.

I also find it frightening that it is now suspicious to clean your walls, or
have a friend try to leave your house in the middle of the night. (God
forbid he carry a duffel bag.)

I, too, have seen the effects of meth. I have known plenty of freaked out
meth-heads and not one of them had the time or care to look as healthy as
the couple on the front page the other morning.

I find it very troubling that our police officers who are paid to serve and
protect think that meth is on the way.

It is not inevitable as our police seem to think. In fact, one of the
officers in the article mentioned that the crack epidemic never made it up
here either. Maybe it's because the populace in this county knows better
than to mess with that nasty bath tub gin.

Maybe, just maybe, we as intelligent human beings can figure it out for
ourselves instead of having our police force hold our hand every time we
cross the street. I see Sheriff John Minor as a scary authoritarian with no
progressive thoughts. Has anyone else out there noticed all these marijuana
grower busts leading up to the election?

Do we need somebody to harass and arrest? Or do we need somebody to work
with the people for a better Summit? This is not a letter endorsing sheriff
candidate Mike Phibbs as I am not familiar with his history, but it is a
call to get Minor out of office.

Eric Schwartz

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