Pubdate: Fri, 30 Jul 2004
Source: Janesville Gazette (WI)
Copyright: 2004 Bliss Communications, Inc
Author: Bernard Dalsey
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While speaking eloquently on states' rights, Congressman Paul Ryan
recently supported Drug Enforcement Administration raids on legal
medical marijuana cooperatives in various states. I suppose the
states' rights only apply to issues in which Ryan is in agreement. Not
a very compassionate thing to do to cancer patients seeking relief
from nausea. Hardly the kind of thing you'd expect in the "land of the

Ryan always talks about the need for jobs. Funny, he's always
supporting so-called "free trade" that takes all of the manufacturing
jobs out of the country to the lowest payers on the globe.

He's for medical savings accounts - no good if you don't have the

He's for "tort reform" - protecting those who have caused injury and
death from any trial by jury and monetary settlement. Somehow the
insurance companies gouging the physicians don't get mentioned as part
of the problem.

No way would the good representative support the citizenry getting the
same quality health care that he gets at our expense. That would be
"socialism", would it not?

Rep. Ryan is all for socialism for the corporations, however.

Soon after 9-11, he voted to give $15 billion to the airline industry
that immediately repaid their workers with big layoffs.

Rep. Ryan says he's good with our tax money, but he's busy wastefully
giving it away in corporate welfare and mercenary wars that only raise
the national debt and make us more unsafe.

I give him credit for one thing however - he's a smooth talker with a
great personality. And he's a loyal corporate Republican.

The "save-the-frozen-babies" crowd will keep him elected, and idiots
will keep voting for the man who jacks up their taxes and sends their
jobs to slave labor in Asia.

Bernard Dalsey

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