Pubdate: Fri, 30 Jul 2004
Source: DrugSense Weekly
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* This Just In

(1) Marijuana Smokers Buying Poisoned Dope (2) Drug Agent To Be Tried In 
Death Of S.J. Man (3) ACLU Tries To Save Marijuana Initiative (4) 
Pot-possession Charges Down By 30 Per Cent

* Weekly News in Review

Drug Policy

(5) Libraries Ordered to Destroy U.S. Pamphlets (6) DEA Arrests Man in Web 
Drug Sting (7) Meth Presence Surges 68% in Workplace Drug Tests (8) Loyalty 
to DARE Program to Be Tested at Ballot Box

Law Enforcement & Prisons

(9) U.S. 'Correctional Population' Hits New High (10) Parole Rise, Crime 
Drop Coincide (11) Cops Cannot Fish for Evidence (12) Prisoner's Protest 
After Failing Test

Cannabis & Hemp

(13) Bush Targets Marijuana Smokers (14) Read Between The Lines (15) Tight 
Border A Low Note For The High Trade (16) Slow On The Draw (17) Plunge In 
Cannabis Arrests

International News

(18) Drug Pushers' Death Not Salvaging: Obrera FPM (19) Tondo Vigilante 
Pumps 2 Slugs On Addict In Public (20) More Drug Users, Delinquents Among 
Thai Youth, Says Survey (21) Prison Breakout (22) Marijuana Smokers Buying 
Poisoned Dope

* Hot Off The 'Net

Why The Drug War Isn't An Election Issue  -  But Should Be

Darryl Best Advocacy Video

Token Justice / By Steve Kubby

Maria Full of Grace

The Hilary Black Show: Decrim Special

* Letter Of The Week

Drug Czar Distorts Facts About Marijuana / By Robert Sharpe

* Feature Article

A Great Tool To Find Drug News / By Doug Snead

* Quote of the Week

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