Pubdate: Sun, 18 Jul 2004
Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer (Philippines)
Copyright: 2004 Philippine Daily Inquirer
Author: Christian V. Esguerra
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THERE is no need to abolish his anti-illegal drugs task force as far as 
retired police captain Reynaldo Jaylo is concerned.

Jaylo, beleaguered former chief of Task Force Hunter, said he dissolved the 
unit and was planning to bring its 24 members into his new task force 
against illegal recruiters.

He did not explain why he suddenly left the Philippine Drug Enforcement 
Unit, except to say that he got an offer to lead the new group from no less 
than President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

He left at the height of his rift with PDEA director Anselmo Avenido Jr. 
over his group's alleged plot to assassinate the retired police general.

"Well, I wish him all the luck," he told the Inquirer. "I thank him for 
giving me the opportunity to work with him. Now he can take care of PDEA 
all by himself."

But Jaylo sounded angry upon learning that Avenido was planning to dissolve 
Hunter because of numerous reports that its members were involved in 
criminal activities, particularly extortion.

Jaylo went on to identify at least five cases involving Avenido's men. 
Among them were the suspect caught with two kilos of banned substance at 
the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and a police official arrested for a 
similar violation in Manila.

"These people were clearly his men yet he never issued memos against them," 
he said.

In contrast, Jaylo got a memorandum from Avenido for allegedly refusing to 
follow orders.

Avenido had earlier complained that Jaylo never coordinated his task 
force's operations even if it was clearly under PDEA's command. He said the 
alleged indifference had been present since Jaylo was appointed to the agency.

The conflict reached its climax more than a week ago when two of Jaylo's 
men allegedly planned to kill Avenido.

Having been warned of the alleged plot, Avenido phoned Jaylo to check if 
there were indeed Hunter people out to get him. Jaylo denied the plot and 
later went public to condemn Avenido. 
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