Pubdate: Tue, 13 Jan 2004
Source: Essex Evening Gazette (UK)
Copyright: 2004 This Is Essex
Author: Chris Philbin, Legalise Cannabis Alliance
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AFTER reclassification of cannabis on the 29 January, the Police
guidelines of presumption of non-arrest will result in a large
reduction of arrest of otherwise law abiding citizens.

BUT, I cannot understand why the UK government wants to retain a law
that allows for arresting and tossing cannabis user in jail be it
social or medicinal use.

The Netherlands has long tolerated personal possession and allowed
cannabis coffee shops. cannabis is now available as a prescription
drug at pharmacies.

Spain no longer arrests recreational drug users; Portugal has
decriminalised cannabis use. So has Luxembourg.

Belgium allows the medical use of marijuana and is considering
permitting citizens to grow small amounts of cannabis.

Local authorities in France and Germany are considering whether or not
to arrest cannabis users. The Swiss senate has approved legislation
legalizing personal use of cannabis.

The Australian and New Zealand governments are considering approving
the medical use of cannabis.

Canada provides cannabis through its health-care program and has
proposed decriminalizing cannabis cultivation and consumption.  Police
in Toronto merely confiscate cannabis from users.

And in the U.S., an Alaskan appellate court has affirmed the
constitutional right of citizens to grow and consume cannabis at home.

In the UK After reclassification on Jan 29  "Cannabis possession will
still be an illegal drug". And that means preventing the sick and
dying from cultivating and using the only medicine that works for many
of them.

Why should someone be classed as a criminal simply for growing and
consuming a plant providing they are doing no harm and posing no
threat to anyone.

Surely this can't be right?

Chris Philbin,

Legalise Cannabis Alliance Candidate for Chelmsford West
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