Pubdate: Mon, 12 Jan 2004
Source: Troy Messenger (AL)
Copyright: 2004 Troy Messenger


Quality of life encompasses many segments of the community. Good
schools, beautification efforts, the arts, and, yes, it even spans
into law enforcement.

Crime in its many forms plagues large cities and small towns all
across our state.

In some areas, local officials are making great strides. Working
hand-in-hand, local law enforcement agencies are joining with other
agencies on the local, state and federal level to make their
communities a safer place to live.

This is certainly the case in Pike County. Friday's meth lab bust by
the Sheriff's Department is just one example of how cooperation
between local law enforcement agencies help clean up our streets.

Together with the Troy Police Department, law enforcement officials
were able to strike at the core of drug use - manufacturing.

Both agencies should be commended for their efforts in the fight
against illegal drugs. With war being waged overseas, it's easy to
forget about the war being waged every day in our own county.

The war against drugs is as important today as it every has been, and
through more cooperative efforts such as Friday's, our county can be
safer, more drug free place to live, work and play.
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