Pubdate: Thu, 08 Jan 2004
Source: Daily Press (VA)
Copyright: 2004 The Daily Press
Author: Jeannie Delp


In regard to the Dec. 30 editorial "Stopping drunks." I would like to 
comment as well as agree, to a point, to proposals for tougher DUI laws. 
There isn't any mention of a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program in the 
proposals for tougher DUI laws.

We all know that tougher laws should be in effect for anyone driving under 
the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. But instead of a jail or prison 
conviction, I believe the person should be mandated to a substance abuse 
treatment facility either in place of or in addition to their sentence. 
Whether it is for a one-month program or a six-month program, that person 
should be given the chance to learn about the addiction and recovery process.

To put in an example, people who have been told that they have cancer are 
not given the choice of going home to die. They are given the opportunity 
to receive educational information on their treatment to recover from the 
disease and the options that they have. Alcohol and drug addiction is just 
that, an addiction, a disease that the person needs to learn about, and the 
chance for recovery.

Jeannie Delp

Community outreach specialist,

Serenity House Inc.

Newport News
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