Pubdate: Tue,  6 Jan 2004
Source: Plainview Daily Herald (TX)
Copyright: 2004 Plainview Daily Herald


District Attorney Terry McEachern has announced he will seek the post
he has held for the past 18 years on March 9 in the Republican Party.
He has previously been a Democrat. "I am announcing my intention to
seek the Republican Party´s nomination as their candidate for
re-election as district attorney. I would like to express my sincere
appreciation to the people of Hale and Swisher counties who have
encouraged me to pursue this goal," McEachern said.

"Since assuming office May 1, 1985, my record of convictions (94
percent) remains as one of the highest on record in Texas. The state
average is 87 percent.

"My qualifications include being licensed by the State of Texas Court
of Appeals, as well as by the Federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals
in New Orleans. I am also qualified and entitled to argue before the
Supreme Court of the United States.

"It is a privilege to be a past director of the Texas District and
County Attorneys Association. The Texas Department of Public Safety
has also conferred on me its highest civilian honor - the Colonel´s
Award. "I am a member of First Presbyterian Church in Plainview. I
hold the rank of Eagle Scout and remain an enthusiastic supporter of
the program. My two daughters are now married and I have the pleasure
of one grandson."

He continued: "I will continue to energetically and conscientiously
protect the rights of the citizens I serve and to uphold the law that
preserves our system of justice.

"I do not now nor will I ever set myself outside the boundaries of the
principles that govern my personal responsibility. You may be
confident that I will remain fully accountable for all my actions and
accept any of the appropriate circumstances.

"Therefore, I have dropped the appeal of my DWI conviction in New
Mexico and will serve my 2-day sentence as soon as the judge signs the
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