Pubdate: Thu, 01 Jan 2004
Source: Essex Evening Gazette (UK)
Copyright: 2004 This Is Essex
Author: Don Barnard


I agree with Jane Collier  ("Driving concerns" Post bag Dec 10). The
majority are surprisingly ignorant of the consequences of using cannabis.

Unlike alcohol - because there is no accepted level of blood
concentration to prove impairment - The question of impairment through
taking cannabis  is far from clear-cut.

If there is no accepted level of blood concentration for most drugs -
including cannabis -  how do we define impairment! How could you prove

Further, there are many over-the-counter and prescription non-steroids
anti inflammatory drugs or hemp seed oil products which allegedly show
up for illegal cannabis use.

There is also a raft of medicine that may show up for other illegal
drugs on some tests.

Cannabis users be warned - It's "Zero Tolerance" for cannabis and
driving - Any person testing positive for cannabis use (you do not
need to be driving your car at the time) will probably lose their
driving licence for a minimum of 6 months.

If you are convicted of  possession of cannabis in your car you may
asked to take a drug test at a later date.

If your number comes up for a random test at work after you festive
binge - Bang goes your job also!

This raises social, legal and human right issues, if an individual can
test positive for cannabis [other substance] without consuming it...

Especially where person's integrity, freedom or future prospects are
at stake.

Don Barnard

Legalise Cannabis Alliance

Aetheric Road

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