Pubdate: Fri, 26 Nov 2004
Source: Lindsay This Week (CN ON)
Copyright: 2004 Lindsay This Week
Author: Debra Scott


To the editor:

Re: Letter to the editor, "At least the U. S. does elections right" (KLTW,
Nov. 23). The results of the U. S. election are suspect at best and this
would include the results regarding same-sex marriage or marijuana

The political atmosphere in the states is certainly nothing to

If you think they are not told by their leader, this is how it is like
it or not, perhaps you would like to talk to those who do not support
the illegal military action in which they are currently engaged.

Marijuana is no worse than any other drug and in fact has been shown
to have great promise in the treatment of cancers for which there is
no current cure.

Would you tell these individuals and their families that you would
rather they pass on than risk having a drug available, which you
consider dangerous?

Regarding same-sex marriage, marriage is a social construct, and as
such is open to the changing of the times.

One would hope that our society has evolved to the point that we no
longer consider people to be less deserving of rights and privileges
because they fail to meet perceived social norm.

The court legislation on same-sex marriage was done with the
realization that there is a need to protect the rights of all in our
society, that governments and laws are for the people.

Not all those people believe in or adhere to Christian doctrine, and I
for one do not choose to have my country ruled by a badly translated
book that has multiple interpretations.

I would say Mr. Gorham that rather Canada could teach the U.S. about

Debra Scott