Pubdate: Sun, 19 Sep 2004
Source: Duncan News Leader (CN BC)
Copyright: 2004 Duncan News Leader
Author: Peter Rusland
Bookmark: (Cannabis - Medicinal - Canada)


Duncan medical-marijuana growers Wendy Little and Eric Nash have
published a reference book instructing others how to join what they
say is a legal growth industry.

"We put our book out because of people across Canada wanting information
about how they can be part of the legal marijuana industry," Nash says of
the 96-page guide titled Sell Marijuana Legally: A Complete Guide to
Starting Your Marijuana Business.

He and Little are B.C.'s first certified organic pot growers legally
selling cannabis to patients.

"Our (Web site) server's been smoking; we're getting book orders like
crazy," says Nash, 46.

He's licensed to supply three patients while Little, 43, grows for
two. Many others have contacted them about gaining weed from their

"There's nothing like this book," Nash says of the $19.95 work selling
by e-mail and at Volume One Bookstore. Copies may soon be available at
the Cowichan Library.

Their book touches on raising pot but Nash says, "grow books are
different than becoming involved in a legal, emerging industry."
Instead, Sell Marijuana Legally explains federal forms for growing and
supplying patients.

"How often does a sustainable industry emerge with potential tax
revenues and jobs?" he asks, citing the Senate's 2002 report
recommending cannabis legalization, regulation and taxation for
medical and recreational use.

Their simple book also explains packaging, pricing, insuring and
shipping marijuana to patients.

Medical marijuana is not currently covered by B.C. health

However, Valley MP Jean Crowder has given them a support letter and
explained how to approach federal health minister Ujjal Dosanj about
allowing more medical pot access.

Nash says MLA Graham Bruce is also supportive and the couple aims to
explain its business to local councils.

Demand for their book also surfaced during their course taught at
Malaspina University-College Course, says Nash who founded the
Cannabis Trade Association with Little.

"The course is all about how to get legal as a patient or as a grower
and this book's a natural progression."

Chapter five covers applying for two 2005 Health Canada contracts to
grow energizing sativa and pacifying indica strains of pot for patients.

A book aimed at patients gaining legal pot is in the

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