Pubdate: Mon, 30 Jun 2003
Source: Tahoe Daily Tribune (South Lake Tahoe, CA)
Contact:  2003 Tahoe Daily Tribune
Author: Shelsea Niebur


Is isolating our children from society the answer? As a community we need to
teach children and young adults morals, ethics and how handle their issues
so they can integrate into society in order to become successful adults.
Isolation from the outside world, including their parents and families is
not going to resolve their inner reason for using drugs in the first place.
Emotional problems need to be faced and dealt with, so they can move on. For
children to find themselves striking a parent, sibling, or grandparent goes
deeper than a drug abuse problem. To release their anger and hostility they
need to communicate with their family, be realistic they are going to have
to face their families again. Being locked in a jail cell at the age of 11
doesn't cause memories to wash away. No wonder they are repeat offenders,
the juvenile system is failing! After being locked up the juveniles are sent
out into the world with what new skills? Have they learned any new hobbies?
Or how about how to socialize with their peers and adults? All I see is a
bunch of anti-social kids with a severe problem with authority. Guidance is
the answer, lets support our children, teach them how to vent their anger in
non-destructive ways, and give them a place to go where they can talk to a
counselor, not a police or probation officer!

Besides where does deputy Anthony Freiberg get off saying "If we didn't have
meth, we probably wouldn't have this jail." Wake up! Drug abuse comes from
underlying problems; obviously he doesn't have the knowledge to deal with
the psychological aspects children are facing, such as issues at home. Let's
hope deputy Freiberg isn't the one directly associating with the children. A
children's jail is not what our town needs, what we need is to show
compassion, caring, and support for those children who are trying to escape
their daily lives by resorting to drug abuse and crime. The future shouldn't
be going across the hall to the adult facility, everyone has potential, and
lets strive for something more in our community.

Shelsea Niebur

South Lake Tahoe
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