Pubdate: Fri, 27 Jun 2003
Source: Detroit Free Press (MI) 
Copyright: 2003 Detroit Free Press 
Author: Dick Gach
Bookmark: (Mandatory Minimum Sentencing)


If he is guilty, it is indeed tragic that Daniel Franklin was paroled to
carry out his documented threat to murder his family. Without this early
parole, his wife and two of her daughters might have lived at least three
years longer. But without the drug law reform bill sponsored by state Rep.
Bill McConico, D-Detroit, hundreds of nonviolent drug offenders would have
to serve out their outrageous mandatory minimum sentences. 

The draconian, racist war on drugs has ruined the lives of many otherwise
harmless citizens and their families, especially those who could not afford
competent legal representation to avoid prison. Many low-income, inner city
youngsters convicted of minor marijuana possession are prevented from
obtaining college benefits. The McConico law does not grant parole to
anyone; it only allows parole boards to consider parole for nonviolent drug
war convicts. 

Dick Gach

Bloomfield Hills
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