Pubdate: Wed, 25 Jun 2003
Source: Stillwater News Press (OK)
Copyright: 2003 Stillwater News Press
Author: Ron du Bois


Jack Cole, retired officer, executive director, Law Enforcement Against 
Prohibition, spoke at the June 11 meeting of the Drug Policy Forum of 
Oklahoma in Stillwater. "We're the richest nation in the world and we've 
decided to spend $69 billion per year to destroy rather than save lives."

No local law enforcement nor reporters attended. They will have another 
chance when Roger Hudlin, a police officer from Wichita, will travel to 
Stillwater to speak to the DPFOK this fall - one in a series of dynamic 
presentations from officers with the courage to speak out against the War 
on Drugs/Drug Prohibition.

What would happen if drugs were government-controlled and drugs and 
treatment were free to those who need them, along with medication, 
rehabilitation, improved nutrition and counseling?

Smuggling, dealers and pushers would disappear because there would be no 
money in it. And what if drug addiction were treated as the sickness it is 
like alcohol addiction? Drug users could rejoin society. No more need for 
street crime and prostitution in order to pay for medication.

Drugs would no longer be a cause for diseases, overdoses, possible HIV or 
AIDS from unclean needles, malnutrition, family breakup, degraded 
neighborhoods and the stigmatization of society.
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