Pubdate: 7 June 2003
Source: New Zealand Herald (New Zealand)
Copyright: 2003 New Zealand Herald
Author: Duncan Eddy


Jim Anderton reckons his new anti drugs initiative will hit dealers and 
help addicts. When will he realise that no matter how much money is thrown 
into enforcing prohibitive sanctions, or how many drug dealers are thrown 
into jail, as long as a demand exists, more drug dealers will pop up to 
replace those who are imprisoned?

The illegality of drugs makes drugs very expensive, thus creating a huge 
profit incentive for black market drug dealers and manufacturers. Drug 
dealers appear wherever there is a market, so the trick is to take away the 
market. Educate people to make the right decisions. Every dollar spent on 
education will save many times its value in crime, suffering and law 
enforcement costs.

America's hard line on drug use hasn't stopped the spread of drug 
addiction, drug crime and drug related disease in that country. When will 
politicians realise that every cent spent enforcing drug laws is a cent 
wasted. They should save our money for education and treatment programmes.

Duncan Eddy
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