Pubdate: Sun, 22 Jun 2003
Source: Ottawa Citizen (CN ON)
Copyright: 2003 The Ottawa Citizen
Author: Dan Weaver


Re: The hidden threat of grow houses, June 18.

Marijuana grow houses are rampant throughout our communities. The police 
claim they are a "danger to the general public," and that they are "taking 
them down" as much as possible before they "get established in our area."

It's a sad, cyclical game being played regularly, with no end in sight. The 
only certainty is that the game will continue as long as there is no other 
source of marijuana for the many Canadians who enjoy a joint on the weekend.

Prohibition, unfortunately, is the direct cause of drug violence. Without 
it, marijuana smokers would visit the LCBO equivalent, buy their joint, 
walk home and smoke it peacefully. No violence. Instead of visiting the 
LCBO though, current users visit a dealer. The black market is not 
protected by the law -- this is why violence occurs. Dealers use guns 
instead of the courts and steal hydro instead of paying for it, all due to 
the illegality of their trade. (Have you ever seen a violent rivalry 
between LCBOs and beer stores?)

If the police are truly dedicated to stopping the "absolutely violent" 
world of grow houses, they will voice their support for the Senate 
Committee's recommendation, which is to legalize marijuana. Stop the 
violence by ending the ineffective and costly prohibition of marijuana.

Dan Weaver,

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