Pubdate: Fri, 20 Jun 2003
Source: DrugSense Weekly
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* This Just In

(1) Rat Study Shows Using Dope Kills Brain Cells (2) Drink And Drug Abuse 
'Is In The Genes' (3) Pot Smoking, Risky Behaviour Linked (4) Pot Smokers' 
Campaign Aimed At Boosting Tourism

* Weekly News in Review

Drug Policy-

(5) Drug Law Reform Falters (6) Reefer Badness (7) Supreme Court Won't Hear 
Drug-Test Appeal

Law Enforcement & Prisons-

(8) Debacle of Tulia Defendants an Ongoing Outrage (9) 17 Officers Accused 
of City Reign of Terror

Cannabis & Hemp-

(10) California Pot Prosecutions (11) U.S. Study: Many HIV Patients Use Pot 
for Mental Health (12) Alabama Teen Has Drug Sentence Cut From 26 Years to 
One Year (13) U.K. Cannabis Campaigner to Take Own Life (14) Canadian 
Medical Association Issues Marijuana Warning

International News-

(15) Antidrug Flights to Resume in Peru (16) U.S. Denies Spraying Afghan 
Poppies (17) Crack Pipes Added to Needle Exchange Program (18) Radio Ads to 
Warn on Cannabis Use

* Hot Off The 'Net

High Times Radio Interview with Todd McCormick

Canada's First Cannabis HIV/AIDS Study Suspended

Cultural Baggage Radio Show

Skate For Justice 2003

Bill Maher To Do SSDP Benefit

* Letter Of The Week

DEA Showed Its Contempt For Our Liberty / by Glenn White

* Feature Article

Keeping Kids Off Drugs / by Marsha Rosenbaum

* Quote of the Week

Groucho Marx
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