Pubdate: Thu, 17 Apr 2003
Source: Coronation Review (CN AB)
Copyright: 2003 Coronation Review.


A crystal methaline drug presentation assembly for Grade 7 to 12 students 
and teachers in Brownfield and Coronation was held on April 15.

A descriptive slide presentation was given, with graphic pictures, tape 
recorded conversation and facts pertaining to crystal meth.

Kerry Laberge, Principal of PACE Outreach School and a mother from Tofield 
with two addicted sons also spoke of experiences with crystal meth.

The Highway 12 Drug Task Force has been formed with a partnership between 
Clearview School division, AADAC, the RCMP, East Central Health, Prairie 
Land School Division and Wolf Creek School Division.

The presentation was also open to parents on the evening of April 15.

Several parents that attended the drug presentation were thoroughly 
disappointed that there were not more people there.

The estimated number of parents was between 30 - 50, the majority including 
elementary parents.

"This affects the whole community. I was very disappointed with the amount 
of people there." said Daralee Dobovich, mother of a kindergarten student.

The Coronation School newsletter was sent to approximately 250-300 
households at three different times.

"Coronation should be disappointed with the response," said Walton at the 
end of his speech.

"If you do not think it is here - you are wrong - it is here, it has been 
here," said Walton.

Walton is a 24 year veteran of the Calgary police with a great deal of 
experience in undercover drug enforcement. He gave example after example of 
real life situations he has encountered.

"What is 13 plus 16?" he asked the crowd. "Twenty-nine" they quickly responded.

"A grade 11 student I know, formerly on the honour roll, could not answer 
that question after eight months on crystal meth," said Walton.

"It is not only teenagers. It affects adults as well," said Walton.

Effects include euphoria, paranoia, decreased appetite, insomnia, tremors 
and anxiety.

Physical effects include teeth grinding, impaired speech, dry or itchy 
skin, acne, sores, numbness and pupil dilation.

Long term effects include kidney and lung disorders, liver damage, blood 
clots, hallucinations, malnutrition and a deficient immune system.

Signs people are using the drug include anxiousness, extreme moodiness, 
sleep disturbances, false sense of confidence and behaviour disorders.

Warning signs in your neighbourhood include unusual strong odors, renters 
who pay cash, large amounts of products such as cold medicines, antifreeze, 
drain cleaner, lantern fuel, coffee filters, batteries, duct tape, clear 
glass beakers, residences with windows blacked out and lots of night time 

How is it taken? It can be smoked, taken intransally (snorted), injected 
intravenously or ingested orally.

"It's gross stuff! It's made of brake fluid and draino and stuff," said one 
high school boy.

"They are (The Drug Task Force) about two years too late," according to 
another young man.

"I know people that have tried it and don't do it anymore. It's not true 
what they said about getting addicted. Some have tried it once and that's 
it," he continued.

A group of six high school boys were asked, "Do you think crystal meth is 

Only one said "No."

"It's scary and I learned a lot of information," said another.

"Very interesting," was the general comment from the majority of the 
students attending.

Barb Richards, mother of a 15 and 18 year old was glad she attended the 
drug presentation.

"I think it went well. The students were really listening and I think it 
struck home with them," Richards said.

"I knew it was here, but apparently there is none here right now," said 
Richards. "I think it will be back."
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