Pubdate: Thu, 19 Jun 2003
Source: West Hawaii Today (HI)
Contact:  2003 West Hawaii Today
Author: Roger Christie
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Aloha from Hilo, the ice capitol of the world. Unheard of until the
mid-1980s when marijuana eradication kicked into high-gear, ice is now the
poisonous result of decades of marijuana eradication, bad journalism, vested
interests and prejudice.

The federal study IS in, marijuana eradication was the cause of poverty and
ice in Hawaii. The National Institute on Drug Abuse, N.I.D.A., asked the
right questions from 1991 through 1994. Never heard of the expensive,
detailed study on the causes of the ice epidemic in Hawaii? It was buried by
the media, law makers, drug counselors, DEA, DLNR, National Guard, police
and prosecutors because it was too honest, that's why. For a look at it
online, please go to , 'current events.'

One quote from the Summary of Findings: "Results from the study in Honolulu
indicate that ice is finding an uncomfortable but considerable position
among other illicit drugs. The use of ice in Hawaii had led to particularly
serious physical and psychological problems and significant social
disruption in poor working communities where it replaced marijuana which had
become scarce and expensive due to eradication policies."

Everyone's credibility is at stake on this issue, especially those who still
support the failed marijuana eradication program. Name names of those
responsible and hold them accountable now.

The "war on ice" sounds almost exactly like the bad old days of alcohol
prohibition. Remember bath-tub gin? Made-at-home poison for those who just
wanted to get high with alcohol. Can you believe that public policy could be
so un-enlightened in the year 2003? Ice is now the poisonous drug of the
moment while most people just want to get high with safe and natural
cannabis. What "leaders" led us here?

The DEA, for example, still insists there is no such thing as "medical
marijuana" and that industrial hemp is as dangerous as heroin. Should we
listen seriously to these people while they are here for their "tour of
duty" in Hawaii? I don't think so. The same for the other agencies who get
overtime and health benefits to terrorize rural communities by helicopter.
Serious, detailed questioning of their unbelievable, "paid-for positions" is
essential now. Make them defend their ridiculous and dangerous "facts" and
then escort them all to the airport for a one-way flight out of here. Local
"leaders" who spout similar nonsense must be held accountable by impeachment
and other legal remedies.

Roger Christie

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