Pubdate: Thu, 12 Jun 2003
Source: Wisconsin Rapids Tribune (WI)
Copyright: 2003 2001, The Daily Tribune
Author: Gary Storck


Last fall, a friend who is a constituent of Congressman David Obey shared a 
reply he received from Obey to an inquiry asking his position on medical 
marijuana, in which Obey stated his support for legalizing it and mentioned 
the bipartisan States' Rights to Medical Marijuana Act, which would allow 
states to set their own policies and allow physicians to prescribe it if 
allowed by the individual state.

Despite his professed support, Obey failed to cosponsor that bill, HR 2592, 
and this session, with the same bill reintroduced as HR 2233, Obey has 
still not become a cosponsor.

Within Wisconsin as well as nationally, polling has found that over 80 
percent of people support legalizing medical marijuana. State health groups 
including the Wisconsin Nurses Association also are strong supporters.

But where is Congressman Obey? Merely writing that he supports medicinal 
pot does nothing to help ease the suffering of people who can benefit. The 
States' Rights to Medical Marijuana Act, HR 2233, deserves a hearing in 
Congress this year, and unless so-called progressives like David Obey find 
the courage to act on behalf of their sick and dying constituents, the bill 
will again die in committee. Please call Dave Obey at and ask him to 
cosponsor HR 2233: Washington, D.C. (202) 225-3365, Wausau (715) 842-5606 
or Superior (715) 398-4426.


Director of Communications, Is My Medicine Legal YET?

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