Pubdate: Wed, 04 Jun 2003
Source: Esquimalt News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2003 Esquimalt News
Author: K. Wilson
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The new laws proposed for marijuana possession, growing and trafficking are 
very interesting, but it seems that no one is addressing the "real" 
problem, which started all this talk.

What is going to happen to those people who need marijuana for medical reasons?

The government is quite happy to talk about fines and sentances for people.

Where is the discussion and the plan to get those people who are legally 
allowed to possess marijuana the medicine they need? What about the 
compassion clubs?

The federal government was given a year, almost two years ago, to solve 
this problem. So far, they aren't even whispering about it. Lets get real 
here. If you have been prescribed marijuana for medical reasons, where are 
you supposed to get it, legally?

It's about time that this question became a focus of not only the people 
who need access and are denied, but also for the media to start asking.

It is the media who can bring this to the attention of the public - just 
like it has done for decriminalization.

K. Wilson, Nanaimo
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