Pubdate: Tue, 03 Jun 2003
Source: Abbotsford Times (CN BC)
Copyright: 2003 The Abbotsford Times
Author: Tim Felger



It is time for MP Randy White [Langley-Abbotsford] to shut up and sit
down .

He used his influence to hold a town meeting in May of 1999 and did
not allow the opposition to speak. He has spent over $1 million of
taxpayer money and time developing a new national drug strategy. The
report he filed did not include a tiny mention about the CIA and their
connection to cocaine and marijuana.

Does White not remember the Iran contra affair? It is a fact that the
CIA introduced crack cocaine to the U.S. market in the 1980s.

The CIA's involvement in the cocaine trade was presented as a matter
of fact in the Supreme Court of Canada May 6.

It is now evident that prohibition creates a more violent society.
Prohibition has torn South America apart, especially Colombia.

Columbians die every day because of U.S. led prohibition. Continued
prohibition of the global village means more than 5,000 real people a
day are dead. It is time we called the war on drugs what it is - a CIA
money machine.

It's a war on the poorest people of society, a war on the most
vulnerable of society, a war that erodes the personal freedoms in
favour of a police state to save the us from ourselves and a war that
will never end.

The CIA are the real organized criminals. They, and U.S. government
officials should be tried for war crimes and the assets of the U.S.
government seized.

Everyone in Canada arrested should be awarded as follows: for
possession, $10,000 US; for trafficking, $50,000 US; and for
cultivation $100,000 US.

White's arguments sound as if he is being paid by the CIA and the DEA.
Will he admit that the real gateway drug is the cigarette? Will he
admit that the CIA has been involved in the drug trade since the
1950s? Will he focus the argument, so as to include those 5,000 dead
people that you save every day prohibition continues?

Eventually, White's position will fail. He can not deny these truths
any longer. Marijuana, is a mild hallucinogen and is safe if used
moderately. It is a great recreational drug. The CIA profits from
keeping all drugs illegal. The human cost of prohibition is 5,000 dead
a day. The social cost is dead and decaying cities. Prohibition is a
cancer on society that makes it more violent.

The sooner we end prohibition, the sooner we can start to heal the
sick and wounded from this terrible war. Only then will we have the
resources to build a better society. The first step is for White to
admit he is wrong or just shut up and sit down.

Tim Felger

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