Pubdate: Sun, 01 Jun 2003
Source: Extra! The Magazine of FAIR (US)
Copyright: 2003 Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting
Author: Stephen Young
Note: The original article referenced in this letter did not mention drug 
policy, so it was not archived.
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While I can't dispute many of the criticisms of John Stossel's obviously 
opinionated reporting in the April EXTRA!, I think it would have been 
appropriate for the authors to mention at least one instance where Stossel 
uses his unique position at ABC News to push ideas that progressive readers 
of EXTRA! would likely embrace.

Stossel has been an outspoken critic of the US drug war. He makes no 
pretense of objectivity on the issue, and I admire him for it. Several of 
his commentaries and prime time specials have exposed the way the drug war 
has unjustly filled prisons and diminished civil liberties in this country. 
When the health of AIDS patient Peter McWilliams was further endangered by 
federal persecution for McWilliams's use of medical marijuana, Stossel was 
the only network reporter I'm aware of who covered the story. Stossel 
followed up too, just after McWilliam's tragic death.

In the eight years I've been subscribing to EXTRA!, I've noticed only 
limited criticism of the horrendous mainstream media coverage of drug 
policy issues, except for the occasional (though certainly admirable) piece 
by Mike Males, and some analysis of the CIA/crack/Contra cover-up.

For the most part, progressive media outlets like EXTRA! have been far too 
quiet on the disaster of the drug war and the mainstream media's 
complicity. Until that changes, I eagerly await Stossel's next attack on 
the fiasco of modern prohibition.

Stephen Young, Editor, DrugSense Weekly, Schaumburg, IL
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