Pubdate: Wed, 04 Jun 2003
Source: Ottawa Sun (CN ON)
Copyright: 2003, Canoe Limited Partnership
Author: Rhys Boswarva
Note: Parenthetical remark by the Sun editor, headline by newshawk


Why would you think legalizing marijuana would increase the amount of 
stoned drivers? There is no test now, what's to stop people from driving 
stoned now? How will legalizing it change that? There wasn't always a test 
for alcohol either.

In fact, by legalizing it we can better control underage access to cannabis 
and therefore reduce the number of teens driving stoned. It's much easier 
for teens to get pot than alcohol simply because alcohol is legal and 
controlled. The government checks ID, pot dealers don't! By legalizing it 
we can then openly educate people on the dangers of driving stoned.

Rhys Boswarva

(We don't have to legalize anything to tell people it's a bad idea to get 
behind the wheel if they're high)
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