Pubdate: Wed, 04 Jun 2003
Source: News-Press (FL)
Copyright: 2003 The News-Press
Author: Ron M. Smiley


If you think the police sting at McDonald's was a good thing then maybe you 
should convince the police to pose as bartenders and arrest potential DUI 
offenders. You could also get the police to pose as dockhands at marinas 
and arrest those who break all boating laws and booze laws. But let's not 
stop there. Police should pose as long-lost relatives and gain entrance 
into our homes, and sneak around to see if anyone is breaking the law. Or 
is that already allowed under the Patriot Act?

Then there is the business world. We could have police pose as high- 
ranking corporate officers so they could snoop around the company to see 
who is committing fraud. Or how about police posing as politicians to see 
who's accepting illegal money?

The United States already has the highest rate of its population in jail of 
any other country in the world, including all the authoritarian-led 
countries. The ideas for a police state are endless. Let's give up our 
rights, and allow the police to do whatever they please. Maybe the police 
should put swastikas or SS emblems on their sleeves.
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