Pubdate: Tue, 03 Jun 2003
Source: New York Times (NY)
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Source: New York Times, The (NY)
Author: Michael J. Gorman
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To the Editor:

Re "The U.S. Bucks a Trend on Marijuana Laws," by Eric Schlosser (Week in 
Review, June 1):

The irrationality of the escalating "war on marijuana" is obvious when one 
considers Attorney General John Ashcroft's demand for full enforcement of 
the laws against medical marijuana in states where it is legal. Our 
government's efforts to interfere with Canadian attempts to decriminalize 
pot are no less outrageous.

The "war on marijuana" is a multibillion-dollar operation that defines 
cultural, class and political differences. It has a disproportionate impact 
on poor, minority communities and undermines the credibility of our 
criminal justice system.

The people most interested in maintaining our current marijuana laws 
(besides the attorney general and other hard-liners) are those who reap 
huge profits selling it on the black market. =A0

MICHAEL J. GORMAN Whitestone, Queens, June 1, 2003 The writer is a retired 
New York Police Department lieutenant and a lawyer.
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