Pubdate: Wed, 21 May 2003
Source: Burnaby Now, The (CN BC)
Copyright: 2003 Lower Mainland Publishing Group Inc.
Author:   Adam Scriven


Marijuana Doesn't Cause Harmful Effects That Were Claimed By Another Letter 

Editor: Mr. Sterle's recent letter (Pot can be harmful, Burnaby NOW, May 
17, 2003) points to the facts that cannabis can worsen schizophrenia in 
those patients who already have it.

The rest of his assertions are questionable, but as Mr. Sterle never 
mentions what this other "permanent damage" is, I can't comment either way.

It's interesting, however, at the very end of his letter he reverts to the 
following lies:

"All of the drugs that cause psychosis - amphetamines, cocaine and cannabis..."

There was no mention previous to this of cannabis causing psychosis, merely 
it exacerbates a previously existing condition.

If Mr. Sterle can't see the massive difference between making an existing 
condition worse and causing said condition, perhaps he should stop writing 
such uninformed letters until he bones up on his research.  Any responsible 
activist for legalization of cannabis will agree that cannabis is not for 

It should be a personal choice, based on the specific situations to each 
consenting adult.

To continue to criminalize something that is relatively harmless for most 
of the population, simply because a small segment of the population may be 
further harmed by it, is extremely illogical and short-sighted.

By that very logic, we should ban all junk food, fast food, nuts, dairy and 
any other food that may cause harm, because some people are overeaters or 

The very existence of those foods in the stores and restaurants of Canada 
puts some segments of the population at risk.
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