Pubdate: Thu, 15 May 2003
Source: Williams Lake Tribune, The (CN BC)
Copyright: 2003 Williams Lake Tribune
Author: Mike Orr, British Columbia Marijuana Party



Re: Marijuana legislation; yes-no?

Thirty years ago the federal government had a report on marijuana. It
stated that the damage to the community was less, and dramatically so,
than the carnage that alcohol reaps on society. It also stated that
the dependency factor was nowhere near as brutal as alcohol or
tobacco. Our prime minister, as usual, is totally confused as to who
he owes his loyalty to. America, Mr. Chretien is loyal to, and now
American policy is Canadian domestic policy, via the use of "economic
terrorism." If a free sovereign nation chooses a different path to
that of America's liking, first comes the threat of "economic
terrorism" to force free, democratic countries to submit to a foreign

Marijuana has not, and will not, kill 4.5 people everyday in Canada,
like alcohol will. Marijuana, when used, does not promote violence.
Alcohol does. All intelligent people know this. Prohibition on
marijuana has created a multi-billion dollar industry, more so than
the alcohol era of yesteryears. Legalisation made alcohol a government
cash reservoir, regardless of the cost to society. We need change that
is endorsed by all Canadians. Referendums save money and demonstrate a
willingness, on the government side, that the people come first. We
need a prime minister who will do his job and look after what is
needed here first. Marijuana legalisation will not lead a just society
to ruin, and will not cause "reefer madness."

Mike Orr

British Columbia Marijuana Party
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