Pubdate: Tue, 06 May 2003
Source: Airdrie Echo (CN AB)
Copyright: 2003 Airdrie Echo
Author: Chris Buors
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Dear Editor:

The Media Awareness Project (MAP) is the "special interest group" 
identified by Echo editor Paul Wells as stumping for the legalization of 

The Web site just archived its 100,000 item on various 
drug-related issues of the day from news agencies across the 
English-speaking world.

I'm very proud to be the number four published letter-to-the-editor writer, 
with more than 100 letters to my credit.

I thank the Echo editor for allowing the drug debate. There was a time, not 
so long ago, when people were afraid to write their newspapers to express 
their views on drug issues. It has been my experience that once the MAP 
writers get the ball going, the locals jump into the fray when they realize 
no one will get arrested for stating an opinion.

I would like to close off, though, by reminding Wells that the war on drugs 
is almost 100 years running -- 1908 for Canada's first drug law, the Opium 
Narcotic Act. Prescription rights were born of that act -- until then 
parents used to send their children to the five and dime to pick up their 
tinctures -- about 70 per cent of the medicine had either cannabis, cocaine 
or some opiate derivative.

Eighty people a day, every day, die in Columbia alone. There have been 
1,000 "drug dealers" killed in the past month in Thailand's crackdown. When 
the damage done by the war on some drugs is added up worldwide, the Iraqi 
conflict would pale in comparison to the lives ruined or lost to prohibition.

I can think of no more worthy cause than to end the longest running unjust 
war in Canadian history.

Chris Buors, Winnipeg
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